Computerized lockstitch Sewing Machine

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Jack A3 Computerized lockstitch Sewing Machine

For light and heavy fabric
From 2 layers of gauze to 16 layers of thin jeans can be sewing smoothly with beautiful stitches

Touch-tone factory reset
Long press about 3 seconds for factory reset, short press about 1 second for up and down needle position. Very easy to operate, no need to remember parameters

One shaft design
peaceful and comfortable

One shaft design reduce the machine torque and makes feeding more smoothly

Cooling fan
Scientific design, vortex suction of cooling fan, reduce the temperature of motor and control box, improve greatly the lifespan of electronic components and avoids winding.

Humanized design
Half stitch, LED lamp and reverse stitch these three functions in one and the unique LED lamp design give you a better sewing experience.

Technical Information

Model Number A3 A3-CHQ A3-CQ-7 A3-CHQ-7
Needle DB×1 11-18# DP×5 18-21# DB×1 11-18# DP×5 18-21#
Thread Number 2 2 2 2
Stitch Length(mm) 5 5 7 7
Height of Presser Foot(mm) 5-13 5-13 5-13 5-13
Sewing Speed(S.p.m) 5000 5000 3500 3500
Thin Material
Medium-heavy Material
Heavy Material
Volume(mm) 645×248×550 645×248×550 645×248×550 645×248×550
Weight(kg) 40/46 40/46 40/46 40/46